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Message From: Elaine hanus May 1, 2017
We adopted Becky. She is more mini pin than anything else and she is energetic and a clown. We love her dearly and have found a routine. We are considering a companion dog for her...a male....small....we see where that might benefit her... Thanks to Tammy and WAR .

Message From: Jim and Bruce March 22, 2017
We adopted Clover nearly four weeks ago. She is a wonderful addition to our home and our family. We love her puppy ways and do not even mind the early morning wake up whimpers to go outside to take care of business. we love spoiling her since she brings so much joy to our home. Thanks to Tammy and Whimsical Animal Rescue for bringing such a lovely little girl into our lives!

Message From: (Private) October 25, 2016
Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Your site led me to Max (aka "Lil Stuff). It has been 4 weeks now since his adoption, and Max has brought so much joy to my family. I highly recommend people adopt from rescue organizations, and my experience with yours was excellent. PEPS

Message From: Sharon January 30, 2014
In 2006 I came to WAR and adopted a 5 to 6yr. old mix dog named Buddy. Buddy was from Hurricane Katrina disaster. Buddy didn't seem to know his name very well, so we went through a few names until one day I said Benny to him and he looked up at me. So Benny was his name. At the time I adopted Benny, aka Buddy, I was going through a very messy divorce. He was my angel that I truly believe was sent to me. For the next eight years we did everything together. When my mother was in the nursing home they allowed me to bring him in to see her. Well everyone on my mothers wing fell in love with him. If I didn't bring him w/me the patients would ask where he was. He made quit an impact to everyone. He was my best friend. On November 21, 2013 sadly I had to have him put down. My vet and her staff were also touch by Benny. Since I was unable to afford to have a single cremation, everyone including the Vet paid to have a single cremation done and gave me his ashes. It is funny how a dog can make such a large impact on so many people he came in contact with. I hope we will meet again someday. Thank you WAR for all that you do.

Message From: bruce & barbara February 16, 2013
thank you so much we adopted Sandy last weekend and we fell in love with her crazy antics. You all do a wonderful job with these animals. thanks again

Message From: Bob and Pat Smith January 26, 2013
We adopted Tess a beagle some time ago. The runner, now walks without a lead, runs and plays in a dog park, happily listens to every word we say and obeys that we don't even leash her. We have moved to florida in retirement and Tess just thinks this is great ! She looks forward to riding on the golf cart around the community, greeting other dogs and nieghbors. She is now happy with life. We thank you for her. Bob and Pat

Message From: Debbie's Fund October 26, 2012
We are proud to help fund your rescue, and the good work!

Message From: Colleen August 27, 2012
We adopted Yogi on July 6th and can't thank you enough. River our 5 year old Golden doodle and Yogi have become best friends. They love to cuddle, play, go to the dog beach, park & doggy day care. Yogi was the perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier. Thank You!

Message From: Penny and Phil April 25, 2012
Just a quick note thanking you for our newest addition to our family, Coconut! He is hiding and getting familiar with his new forever home. Soon he will be watching TV and getting all our loving!

Message From: Brian and Janis October 11, 2011
Thank you for letting us adopt Simon and Baby (aka Booger/Paco). I was SO impressed with Whimsical Animal Rescue as to how much they care for the animals... you can tell by the way they treat them. Our two babies are very happy and so are we ;)). For all of you out there, please support this wonderful adoption rescue!

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