SCAA/WAR is a private rescue in Sussex County, DE, working to save animals since 2003.

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Puppy Girl was found @ Wal-Mart with no collar or I.D.. She is in great health, but she was really scared. She was turned in to us and before we got a chance to run an ad, her owners called and I.D. her. She has been  reunited with her family! Her family is going to keep a better watch on her, they don't want her to go shopping without them again. We are pleased that she is now happy and cozy under her family's care and love!

Lucky was found wandering in a yard on Concord Rd. 12/17/06.  The family called Whimsical to ask for help.  At 10 o'clock p.m. we were able to catch this little guy and bring him to the safety of our rescue.  First thing friday morning we had him scanned for a microchip.  WOW he had one we thought this is great he will be home within the hour.  Called Home again got the info for the owner only to find out that the numbers had been disconnected and the owner had moved.  It took another day before we were able to scramble by calling on neighbors and came up with a cell phone number.  The owner was ecstatic to hear that her little dog was safe.  But now there was another issue his sibling was still missing. The family was reunitied with Lucky and we all still continued to search for Ginger.  Low and behold after 4 days Ginger returned home.  What a wonderful ending.  Below is a picture of Lucky taking a ride with us.


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