Indie was posted on a local facebook page as having turned up at someone's home in Delaware.
They could not keep her as they had cats of their own; we felt we needed to step in and step
up for this girl and on July 2nd, 2015 we picked her up.  Here is her story.

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July 3rd 2015

Meet Indie. She is named for Independence Day. She wandered into a yard way out in the country behind Bridgeville. Someone had to have dumped her. She is the most emaciated cat I have ever seen upright. I picked her up last night and She spent the day at the vet with me and my good friend Kristi Idnurm. We waited on all her different blood tests. Surprisingly, they were pretty good. She is just another sad statistic of the cat problem in our state. Our legislators see them as objects instead of companion animals in need of shelter. We are going to do what we can for this poor girl.


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