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Rainbow Bridge
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Meet Jazz the love of my life. My family got her when she was just a baby at 7 weeks old. It is hard to believe that she spent 13 1/2 years with us. In 2007 Jazz went into Renal Failure. With the help of Dr. Mike we were able to get 8 more months with her. We did have to give her many medications and fluids on occassion at home. She seemed like nothing was wrong for months. It was 8 wonderful months that ended on New years Eve. She was my rock and my savior in everyday dealings. She always made me smile no matter what was happening. We miss her dearly and think of her everyday. There has never been a day go by that she hasn't been in our thoughts. She is now at the rainbow bridge and I hope to be able to meet her once again.

Majic was a true family member. We will all miss him dearly. We first met him at an auction. Found his owner shortly after and went to purchase him. He became a true joy to have. Always foud a way to put a smile on your face. When you were'nt looking he would hit you with a big sloppy kiss right upside the face. He became very ill one day. The vet came to treat him. Thought it was colic. That night he was still no better. First thing in the morning the vet was here again. We trailered him to the clinic where he was given IV fluids. Vet believes it was Congestive Heart Failure. We were prepared to take him to New Bolton the next morning. But the phone call came....he had passed during the night. We were shocked and devastated. There isn't a day goes by that we don't think of him. Until we meet again my Majic.. Love ya always

Star was a true companion. She wasn't your typical Pit bull. She was afraid of everything and loved everyone and everything. Thunder storms were her biggest fear. She was a great sister to Jazz as they grew through the years. Star was born 2 years after Jazz and they lived their entire lives together. She was as sweet as could be. Loved to steal your socks LOL. We lost her in Nov. 2007. It is hard to believe that a year has come and gone since she left us. We miss her whines for food and her playfulness. She was always loving. We miss her and think about her everyday. I am sure her and Jazz are together at the Rainbow Bridge and I hope to see them again one day.

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